Three Top Selling Food Processors for Kneading Dough Process

Food processors save a lot of your precious time as well as energy spent in the kitchen by performing most of the food processing tasks for you. It might take hours for you to slice vegetables, grind nuts, grate a bar of cheese and knead dough while it takes minutes for the food processors to complete all these tasks.

Kneading dough is one such food processing tasks that most people dread as it takes a lot of your energy and time. Most good quality food processors come with a motor strong enough and a specifically designed dough blade to be able to perform this tough task for you. Here is a list of best kneading dough food processors to make process easier.

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic with its 600 watts strong motor can perform tough tasks like kneading dough and making nut butter with ease. With this machine you can slice, shred, knead, puree, chop and mix ingredients in just a matter of seconds. 7 cup work bowl allows you to prepare food for the entire family. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables. All the parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The manufacturer gives a 5 year motor warranty and a 3 year entire unit warranty with the product.

Oster Total Prep with Dough Blade

Oster Total Prep features a 500 watts strong motor and a 10 cup work bowl to prepare enough food for the entire family. It comes with a specialized dough blade to make pizza crusts, bread and cookie dough. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables without having to preprocess them first. A slicing and shredding disk is available with the product. 2 speed options along with a pulse option add precision to the processing tasks. All the parts are dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro is a powerful machine with a large 11-cup work bowl to prepare enough food to feed the entire family. With this appliance, you can knead dough, slice vegetables, shred cheese and mix ingredients with ease. A slicing/shredding disk and a spatula are included in the packing. Extra large feed tube allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables eliminating the need to preprocess foods. Five year long motor warranty and a limited 3 year entire unit warranty is available with the product.

Why you should have Massage Chair

When it comes to massages, they are not some modern discoveries but actually are centuries old, used in ancient times throughout many parts of world to release stress and pain. Similarly, to that now in modern world they are also used more curing mental stress and pain. We all live in a fast moving world that never stops working, we all need to work harder each day to survive in this world. Due to this, work stress we are suffering from mental stress and pain that has a very negative impact on our work.

Most of our weekdays are very tired and we are not able to perform the given task with one hundred percent of dedication. This stress and tiredness can be very dangerous can cause some serious illness if not taken sudden actions against them. The most common way, we can use to get relieve from the pain and stress is with the help of massage. There are quite many reasons to have massage for being relieved from pain, but in my opinion, the best reason is that it only takes an hour and within that you feel so fresh and filled with energy. That is the main reason why massage is very common among the people working in office because they don’t have time for long vacations or any other ways to relax due to their busy schedule. Moreover, when it comes to massage there are two ways to get a professional massage; one in the salon or spa with a professional massage therapist or second you can have the same professional massage with the help of a massage chair. In recent years, many people have switched from professional therapist to a modern technology-massage chair, because they know its advantages and benefits. That is why; today we will discuss some main reason due to which massage chairs are becoming very common.

Most important reason is that massage chairs are available 24/7. In this way, you can have a massage whenever you desire. If you ever have an opportunity to have a massage at salon or spa you know that you need to make reservation before a week, only then you can have massage because it’s always too crowded. Sometimes it happens we get very tired in the middle of week but sadly we can’t have a massage because we don’t have an appointment due to which we need to work for the rest of day without your mind and heart satisfaction that will definitely affect the outcomes of the work negatively.

Moreover, a modern best massage chair uses various techniques such as kneading, rolling, tapping, gripping, and Shiatsu. When all of these techniques are combined together, they will have a positive impact in our body. You will have a boosted blood flow that will definitely help you to cure pain and injuries much faster.

These were some main reasons, due to which massage chair have taken the place of a professional massage therapist. Make the right decision and buy them right away.

Difference Between Waist Trainer Corset and Cincher


Waist trainers are garments worn tightly around the waist to make the waist appear slimmer. They’re effectiveness is claimed by many ladies including some well known celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Waist trainers come in two basic types namely corsets and cinchers. They differ in their purpose, shape, style, material and more. What you would select depends on your personal preferences, body type and budget. If you are not tight on your budget, it wouldn’t hurt to add both the types to your closet!


Corsets are made of cotton, satin or polyester typically reinforced with 25 columns of steel boning with tightening laces at the back. You can pull the laces to achieve any desired tightness. Cinchers, in contrast, are constructed with Latex with fewer pieces of steel boning. Unlike for corsets which use steel boning to provide firm shaping, cinchers uses its material, Latex, to provide compression and shaping. Instead of lacing, cinchers use hook-and-eye closure with typically three different tightness levels.


There are two types of results when it comes to waist training: Instantaneous slimming effect on the waist and long-term weight loss. Corsets and cinchers differ slightly in the effects the produce. Corsets produce better instantaneous results, taking 4 to 6 inches off your waist as soon as you put it on in comparison to only about 2 inches off your waist while wearing a cincher. Cinchers however can be worn during workout and for greater hours a day because of their comfortable and flexible nature and thus produce better long term results. They are constructed with Latex that has compression capabilities and also stimulates sweat to make weight loss process faster.

Invisibility under clothing:

They can both be worn as undergarments, however, corsets are slightly harder to conceal because of their steel boning and laces at the back. Cinchers, hence, are more suitable for everyday use if you are wearing it under your clothes for long hours. Corsets are usually worn on special occasions over the dress to give it a stylish look.


Corsets are made of materials that are more breathable like cotton and satin as compared to stronger, less breathable Latex that is used for cinchers. The steel boning in corsets, however, can be more uncomfortable making it less suitable for being used during workout and if you are planning to sleep in it. Cinchers are more comfortable for being used during extended hours including workout and sleep.

Many people prefer cinchers over corsets because they are cheaper. Good quality corsets that will not break for at least a couple of months of excessive use generally cost you around $70 to $100 as compared to latex cinchers which cost only around $40.

These were some of the basic differences among waist trainers and cinchers. It you are still confused as to which one to buy, I would repeat, you should consider buying both! Cinchers for normal everyday wear and corsets for special occasions.

How to Use Cold Pressed Juicer Machine for making Green Juice and Nuts Milk

Juices are great source of energy and nutrients. They are packed with minerals, iron, enzymes, carbohydrates, and vitamins. As we all, know the best way to consume these minerals and nutrients is through vegetables, but because of our busy schedule, we are unable to maintain vegetables and fruits in our diet. Most of the time, we end up eating unhealthy food that will affect our body in a negative way. For a healthy and active body it’s very important to consume these nutrients on a daily basis. The fastest and the most beneficial way to do so, is by drinking fresh juices. Since there are many ways to consume these juices but the best way is to prepare on at home, in this way you’ll be one hundred percent sure that its pure. Now, mainly there are two kitchen appliances that are used for this purpose: a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer.

Among these two appliances, cold press juicers are the best. They will provide the purest and the richest juice from the fruit and vegetable because it uses two techniques to extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable. First, it shred the fruit or vegetable and then it extract the juice with the help of a hydraulic press. While the centrifugal juicer uses one method that is a high speed-spinning blade. In this process, most of the fruit and vegetable juices are not being able to be extracted properly that is why cold press juicer is preferred.

Cold press juicers are also great for extracting milks from different nuts and also for green vegetables. As these both drinks requires a lot of work from the juicer to extract all the juice and milk, cold press juicer is the right option. As it will use a high pressure to extract as much juice and milk as possible.

Today we will prepare a green juice and almond and cashew nuts milk:

Green Energy Boost:

It is simple to make, taste delicious and it will help you in your health, mental alertness and wellbeing. It will provide you with energy and are the best way to start the day. To prepare this juice you will need; five kale leaves, three cups spinach, one green apple, one sprig of mint and a small piece of ginger.

Make sure to deseed the apple and remove the stem from mint. Than place all of them in the cold press juicer, a small amount at a time. Let the juicer perform its task. Once you have received all the juice, you can serve of can even save for future.

Nutty Milks:

To prepare this creamy and delicious juice, you will need a bag of almonds and cashew, must soak them overnight otherwise dry nuts will damage the cold press juicer. Now once they are soaked for a night, us a handful of these at a time in the juicer along with a quarter a glass of water. Make sure to add both of them; the nut and water together and then let the juicer do the rest. Once you have received the juice, you can serve it or can even store it for future.

These were the recipe for a green juice and nutty milk. I hope that you try them out.

Different Uses of Blender in Daily Life

Blender is an appliance found in almost every modern kitchen nowadays. It completes so many blending tasks in a just a couple of seconds making your tasks so much more simpler and faster than you would have managed without a blender. If you still don’t own one, it about time you start thinking about buying one. If you are wondering why you need one, here are some of the most common uses of a blender in every kitchen that can be utilized it for:

1.Pureeing foods:

Many recipes require you to puree foods like fruits and vegetables for smoothies or sauces. You can also puree baby food in your blender. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if your blender is a standard one which can only process soft foods, don’t use it to puree hard foods like raw carrots or pears. Also be careful not to use it to crush ice.

2.Pureeing soup:

If you are making homemade soup, you can cook the ingredients like onion, potatoes, chicken etc in broth. Once the ingredients are soft, you can immerse an immersion blender in the pot and emulsify everything to get a smooth creamy soup.

3.Blending eggs:

Instead of whisking egg with a fork or a whisk you can blend it in a blender before making an omelet or scrambled egg. Blending the egg will make you cooked egg fluffier, softer and more appealing to the eye. Try it next time you make breakfast for yourself.

4.Blending pancake batter:

Instead of going through the trouble of whisking the ingredients by hand, simply put all the ingredients of pancake or waffle to your blender and blend them. You will get smoother and faster results.

5.Blending smoothies and milkshakes:

You can make fruit smoothies and milkshakes with your blender. If your blender does not come with ice crushing capabilities, make sure you don’t add ice among the ingredients in your blender.

6.Smoothing gravy:

If your gravy has lumps in it (could be due to the addition of flour or corn flour to make it thicker), you can emulsify it by using a hand blender to blend right in the pot. You can also transfer the gravy to a countertop blender after it has cooled down and blend it. You will get smooth, lump free gravy.

7.Making dressings and dips:

You can use your blender to make numerous salad dressings and dips. It can even make homemade mayonnaise with very few, simple ingredients.

8.Making nut butter:

Some good quality blenders with high powered motors can even make nut butter. You need to go through the instruction manual to decide if your blender comes with this specification.

9.Make whipped cream:

You can use your blender to make whipped cream. It makes whipped cream much faster than a hand mixer.